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Tailor Make Your Branded Tea Bags

OEM Tea Products

Wah Fong Co., Ltd., has a variety of OEM tea solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. From customized tea blends and packaging to one-of-a-kind tea gifts, we offer a range of options that cater to your unique needs. Including Hotel branded in-room Tea, Signature blend for your premium restaurants, & special promotional tea gifts.  With years of experience providing OEM services, we have worked with restaurant chains, luxury boutiques, 5-star hotels, and local tea brands. 

Our private-label teabags have a minimal initial outlay, allowing you to have greater flexibility in choosing your teas. All of our OEM tea products adhere to the same rigorous quality standards as our in-house teas.


15 Benefits of OEM with Wah Fong

HK $400,000 Labor Saving per 200 Seats in your venues and increase operational efficiency and customers’ service quality

1. Pot Sachet could decrease labor cost of $2.5/pot of tea & save 2 min of labor/pot, total cost saving $328,500 per year for 100-seats restaurant with 3X turn/day

2. Less staff & allow more time for staff to provide more attentive service, increasing service quality to customers


3. Provide consistent quality premium teas to maintain loyalty from customers


4. Better house keeping and inventory with simple and easy pot cleansing and clearer inventory accounting & stocking


5. 800+ blends of Chinese, Western, Japanese tea with 1 stop shop service, including customization

6. Providing a selection of teas perfect for each setting

7. Matching suitable tea blends with cuisine


8. Wide range of product packaging formats – Optimized for efficiency

9. Our Tea Sachets are for operational efficiency and to lower your labor cost


10. Hong Kong ISO22,000, HACCP & FDA registered plants making top quality premium tea products to enhance your customers loyalty

11. Incorporate use of mesh sachet teapot pouches

12. Increase your brand value and identity

13. Create a truly memorable tea serving experience and journey for guests and customers loyalty

14. Differentiate from your competitors

15. Develop special and unique tea blends

Why Wah Fong?

We Provide Quality Tea, Operational Efficiency and Increase Profits

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Packed Portion


Signature Tea To Fit Your Needs

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Coffee Factory

Marketing and Operations Support




Quick Cleaning & Easy Inventory

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High Quality Global and Herbal Tea


Consistent Flavours


Standardized Operations, Labour & Cost Saving


Trained 20,000 + Hotel / Restaurant staff worldwide


Custom Made Loose Tea or Sachets

Tea Service

Education - Passion - Experience - Hospitality

  1. Imparting value added and high value tea service

  2. Sharing experiences and Wah Fong’s passion for tea

  3. Teaching tea knowledge, service and up-selling techniques to enhance hospitality services


Premium Tea Selection in  Pyramid Tea Bags

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Any Tea in Any Packing Format to Improve Serving Convenience

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At our tea manufacturing facility, we prioritize serving convenience by offering a diverse range of packaging formats for any type of tea. Catering to commercial companies, our flexible solutions ensure that your tea products are presented in the most user-friendly manner, enhancing customer satisfaction and elevating their overall tea experience.


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