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Quality Tea Sachets

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The Development Process Behind our Tea Sachets

Indulge in our expertly crafted loose-leaf teas that boast refined, delightful blends perfect for every tea lover. Regardless of your experience level when it comes to tea, our selection of loose-leaf varieties is certain to enhance your mornings, afternoons, or evenings with tranquility and gratification. Our inventory of loose teas showcases diverse categories such as caffeine-free, single origin, green and black teas, blooming tea, herbal tea, and even yerba mate. With an array of choices to suit all palates, we guarantee satisfaction to every tea enthusiast!

Tea Sachets Quality Matters To Us

In today's market, many tea products are of low quality due to the prioritization of minimal grams per sachet and the prevalent use of tea shreds and tea dust. These inferior teas are produced by shredding low-quality tea leaves into smaller pieces using rolling machines, which allows manufacturers to sell them at a lower price in larger quantities. This practice can be likened to selling breadcrumbs when a customer is seeking a loaf of bread.

Low-quality teas tend to be bitter, overly astringent, and light in flavor, even though they may emit a pleasant scent and display appealing colors. The overall tea experience is unsatisfactory due to the presence of tea dust – another by-product of tea leaves commonly found in tea bags alongside shredded leaves. Tea dust is akin to leftovers that one would not want to consume while enjoying a cup of tea.

For a truly premium tea experience, it is highly recommended that consumers avoid teas containing tea dust and those that weigh only 3 grams per sachet, which are typically full of tea shreds. Instead, opt for tea sachets consisting primarily of whole tea leaves and weighing around 5 grams. By choosing higher-quality tea, consumers can fully enjoy the nutritional benefits and superior taste that tea has to offer.

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Tea Sachets FAQs

1) Do tea sachets have an expiration date?

The sachets do not expire. The expiration depends on the tea itself and not sachets. 

2) Which is better: tea sachets or loose leaves?

When considering the choice between tea sachets and loose leaves, it is important to note that loose tea cannot be easily measured. Tea sachets, on the other hand, offer convenience and effective measurement, making them more cost-effective and ensuring standardized quality across servings for customers.

3) What is the recommended infusion time for hot brewing tea sachets?

The ideal steeping time varies by tea type. For green tea, we recommend steeping for 3 to 5 minutes in water at 80°C. For black tea, steep for 3 - 5 minutes in water at 90°C or above. Detailed brewing instructions can be found in the descriptions of each tea selection for an optimal tasting experience.


4) How many times can a tea sachet be brewed?

A tea sachet can be brewed approximately 2 to 5 times depending on the strength of the tea.


5) How can tea sachets help my business?

Tea sachets can greatly benefit your business in several ways. Firstly, they ensure consistent quality, allowing you to provide a superior tea experience to your customers. Additionally, using tea sachets saves valuable time on tea preparation, enabling you to serve your customers more efficiently. Moreover, tea sachets facilitate better inventory control and eliminate wastage, further optimizing your operational costs. Lastly, by saving approximately 2 minutes of labor time per serving, which is equivalent to HK$2.5 per pot of tea, you can potentially save around HK$400,000 for a 200-seat restaurant.

Yellow Tea

Premium tea packaging for operational ease & cost efficiency -
Saving 2 minutes in labor & $2.2/pot 

Portion packed teapot sachet for ease of:
  • Service operation for manpower efficiency

  • Handling and cleaning for hygiene control

  • Inventory count and cost analysis

  • Stock ordering and storage

Portion foil packets for premium tea service:
  • Elegant presentation for individual servings

  • Controlled portions for tea accessories

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