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Four Generations of Tea Making

Throughout 70+ years of history, Wah Fong Co. Ltd has worked with some of the premier hotels around Asia and USA, private clubs as well as Michelin restaurants & spa chains across United States and Asian  Countries – all of which have praised our dedication towards quality control standards and excellent customer service practices. As a testament to this reputation, many current customers have been returning customers since day one!

From the beginning, we had one goal: to provide quality tea products that would be respected and loved by our stakeholders. We focus on not only providing delicious teas but also having a strong commitment to service integrity — something Wah Fong Tea Co Ltd stands for even today.

We invest heavily in research and development, ensuring that our products are made with only the best ingredients available. From sourcing fresh herbs from local farmers to tasting each variety before it is packaged up for sale – no detail goes overlooked when it comes to producing superior grade teas that meet each customer’s individual needs. 

Wah Fong Tea Co Ltd will continue striving forward by perfecting existing blends whilst creating new ones; never sacrificing on quality or taste but always pushing forward into uncharted territory so that we continue serving our clients with exquisite teas from faraway lands with utmost integrity. In addition to this, we are deeply invested in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. We strive to incorporate sustainable practices in our operations, ensure fair and ethical sourcing of our teas, and uphold transparent governance as part of our commitment to serving not just our clients, but also our planet and communities. Our approach to tea production honors both tradition and progress, ensuring our cherished tea lovers experience the finest blends while we contribute positively to the world around us.

Our President

Immersed in tea from childhood

Mr. Andrew, the founder of CT teas, devoted his previous 40 years’ of medical experience into healthy teas with teas manufacture in ISO 22000 Wah Fong Tea Co. Ltd. 

Being the 4 generation in a family tea business, Tea Specialist and Enthusiast Mr. Andrew Lau, has been enjoying his ‘Cups of Comfort and Culture’ from a very young age. The strength of his community spirit became rooted in his heart and mind.

Mr. Andrew Lau, a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in the medical industry, is the President of Wah Fong Tea Co. Ltd. and CT Teas  and a retired ICU nurse. Throughout his career, he held several leadership positions, including Vice President of Baxter Asia Pacific and Regional Director at Abbott Labs. He is credited with introducing innovative medical technologies such as IV Catheters and CAPD dialysis therapy to the Asia Pacific region. Following his retirement, he turned his attention to developing Lowsutea, a natural wellness tea designed for people with  Pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Lowsutea is formulated to help lower blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and promote detoxification, delay pre-diabetic conversion, and prevent diabetes complications. 

Andrew welcomes all to create and celebrate your good health with ‘CT’ Teas, and its many other fine tea blends, throughout your life’s journey.

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Andrew Lau
President of Wah Fong and Founder of CT Teas

He strives to support people’s health and well-being by making premium teas and functional teas with healthy ingredients with the highest-quality sourced from around the world.

He endeavored to help people create delightful moments and memories through his passion for tea drinking, and established CT Camellia Treasures brand of daily healthy teas for enjoyment at home, office, Hotel, restaurants and fine club houses.

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