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Wah Fong Tea Company

Four Generations of Chinese and Western Tea Creation

Established in 1952, Wah Fong Tea Co. Ltd. has been supplying quality tea products and providing service integrity to the hospitality industry including premier hotels, private clubs, Michelin restaurants & spa chains and airlines for more than 70 years. 

This unwavering commitment has enabled Wah Fong Tea Co Ltd to remain at the forefront of innovation within tea industry; introducing new varieties that cater specifically for different palates whilst continuing to uphold traditional values that are synonymous with Chinese culture such as respect for nature's bounty coupled with a deep understanding of how best each ingredient can be used optimally in order maximize flavor profiles – with 800+ of Chinese, Western, Japanese, Tisanes & Hebal blends something that we take pride in and sets us apart from others.


Our Vision: Premium Convenience World Class Teas with Asian Heart 

Our Mission: Healthy Enjoyment Of Quality Life

At Wah Fong Tea Co., healthy enjoyment of life is what we stand for – it’s at the heart of who we are - why we do and what we do every day. We believe everyone deserves access to exceptional quality teas that not only provide unbeatable flavor but also enhance one’s wellbeing over time.

Products and Services

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Spa / Wellness


Global Tea

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Gift Sets


One-Stop Service

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New Products

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CT Teas



ISO 22000 Certified

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At Wah Fong, we're serious about our teas. That's why every single one is certified and registered by the ISO 22000- ensuring only the highest standards of quality and safety for our customers.

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Halal Certified

Delight in the exquisite taste of Wah Fong teas, knowing they have been granted Halal certification and registration by revered Halal food authorities.

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HACCP Certified

Elevate your tea experience with the assurance of quality and safety that comes with every Wah Fong product.

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FDA Registered

Elevate your tea experience with the assurance of quality and safety that comes with every Wah Fong product.

IMMACULATE (Testimonials)


Our management teams have worked closely with Wah Fong to develop exclusive tea blends during the months prior to opening. Wah Fong's management and sales team demonstrate professionalism in their work ethics, service with responsiveness, attention to details, and a desire to exceed expectations. 


Wah Fong is a premier supplier of high quality tea to our premises. They have been supporting our team with tea trainings with topics from foundation, intermediate and advance programs. Wah Fong has continuously provides excellent service and quality tea products in a timely and consistent manner. 


Wah Fong Tea Company Limited has been working with us since 2009. Presently, it is our primary tea vendor supplying various basic and quality premium Chinese teas and accessories. It's sales team is very responsive with their support to provide tea knowledge , tea serving techniques and upselling skills and consult on promotional programs. For its product and service integrity, I definitely recommend Wah Fong Tea Company Ltd.

Premium Clubs

We have been working with Wah Fong Tea Co. Ltd. as our primary tea vendor with the quality teas and accessories products since our hotel opening.  Wah Fong has done numerous teas training with our staff to enhance their tea product knowledge, presenting, and up selling skill.  It also working with us on the upcoming tea dinner promotion programs in mid April.


We are very pleased with Wah Fong products, staff responsiveness, and professional services. We highly recommend Wah Fong Tea Co. Ltd.


We are especially impressed with Wah Fong for their marketing support to organize Tea Dinner for our company and to provide extensive tea training for our staff on tea selling and presentation techniques which definitely has helped us in boosting customer loyalty through enhancing their tea tasting and fine dining experience. We are very pleased with the quality of tea products, responsive and attentive services Wah Fong is providing us. 


Wah Fong Tea Co. Ltd. has been supplying quality Chinese teas and accessories to our company since the opening in 2004. Over the years, Wah Fong Tea Co. Ltd has been our unfailing Chinese tea strategic partner,
supporting us in many new product developments, and staff training including product knowledge, tea brewing and upselling skills and tea presentation. Recently, to assist us in continuous improvement in our tea quality, Wah Fong has helped us to specially pack tea into teapot pouches, we have been able to achieve better consistency in the tea flavour, better operation convenience, hygiene and efficiency. We are very pleased with Wah Fong's tea products’ hygiene standard. They are specially
packed at their HACCP accredited plant in Hong Kong. We are also satisfied with their staff's responsiveness, immediate follow up services, and their professional assistance.

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Awards and Recognitions

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70+ Years of Manufacturing Premium Tea in Hong Kong.

Get in Touch

Hong Kong Industrial Building, Unit C&D, 18/F, 444-452 Des Voeux Rd W, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

+852 6792 8891

+852 2816 9098

Thank you for submitting your request. Our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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